You’re going to be hard pressed to find a producer who has had as much influence in the music industry as David Tort. From a small town far off to the south of Barcelona. During his growing up, the music was largely pop and disco music and has served as a big influence on his productions even to this day. He was also fortunate to have grown in a region which truly saw the growth of dance music, with some of the best nightclubs opening up, including the first Pacha, in Sitges. His journey into music began around 1991, with a ragtag group of friends and dated, semi-functional equipment producing hard Techno. What started off as a band quickly changed to a solo career, as he invested the most time and saw the true potential of what he was doing, eventually putting out his first single under the alias Akusmata X-perience. By the year 2000, he began to see exactly where he was headed.

David Tort considers his roots in House and Techno, but he likes to call his style “acid-infused House with a Techno touch”. His tracks today are alive with energy, and provide some truly dynamic House music. With everything that he makes, you can detect the old school influences, from infusing some tribal sounds, to straight up acidic House. He also maintains a podcast, HoTL Radio, which has featured the likes of Corey James and Etienne Ozbourne.

“I made 3 chill out albums and have produced Punk Rock bands, music for TV etc, but I decided to leave that for the future when I’m an old guy, so now it’s time for House Music and destroying the stage on the weekends”

David has traveled the world, but lately his shows have been focused in North America. A couple times a year he’ll hit up one of the hot spots in the international scene, in Asia or Europe. Ibiza is a project he’s got his eye on for this summer. One thing is for certain, this guy has played almost everywhere. His resident DJ days in Barcelona saw him at cult clubs all over the region.

 “I had a residency at Space Miami for 6 years. It’s always going to be one of the highlights of my career”

His international career brought him to the hottest clubs around the world, from Privelege alongside Tiesto, to Zouk Singapore and Stereo Montreal.

“I’ve played a lot of intimate clubs with less than 200 people and really crazy places with a lovely crowd. We threw those kind of parties for the books that no one will ever know about , and we made history those nights”

Living 40 minutes away from Ibiza certainly had its benefits for David Tort, where he often went and discovered new sounds and styles as he was growing up and shaping his sound. Today, it is difficult to label his sound. Year by year it changes as he is influenced by more music.

Currently, he is executing his 2016 plan, which took two months of planning and organizing. His crew and him are in motion. Most of the work at the moment goes to coordinating his fresh new record label, HoTL Records (opened in November), as well as personal parties and of course, music production, with many collabs and remixes on the way.

Be sure to check out one of the most experienced DJ and producer in the scene. If you aren’t familiar with his music, you’re sure to find some of the hits he’s made.

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