Freshly released under french studio My Vision Recordings is a track from Ressless under a new alias, Viktor.

Ressless has grown in popularity along the Adriatic through his take on heavy club bangers. Tracks like ‘All About’ and ‘El Verdor’ have cemented his style of upbeat, housey jams that have been huge along the coastal clubs of the Mediterranean.

His new track ‘Stranger Thing’ odes to the sensational Netflix series we all know and love, but omits the iconic synths which have become synonymous with the show (it’s been remixed hundreds of times anyway).

Instead, he creates his own appreciation to the show with an old school 80’s synth of his own, backed by a grooving Tech House beat. The result is ‘Stranger Thing’. It’s ominous and groovy, and really fun to listen to. Check it out below!

Included in the release is a Black Girl / White Girl remix of the track. This remix bumps the groove up a few notches, and brings in some heavy bass. It’s an interesting take on the original, with lots of fun and exotic elements in it, making it a great selection for an outdoor summer party.

We already love what Ressless┬áputs out, but now we’re even more curious to see what else will come out under Viktor! Be sure to follow the My Vision Recording Soundcloud, and stay tuned for more from Ressless!