That’s right. It’s exactly how the title reads. Oliver Heldens recently published a video with the details. While riding an elevator upwards (in what is likely no pun intended in relation to his success), he provides his fans with some of the info on what he’s got planned.

In case you’re not familiar with HI-LO, Heldens has recently announced it as his second alias, providing more of a grungier House sound than his future house styled beats (see: Renegade Mastah, Ooh La La).

Having teamed up with Talent House, a site that provides creative opportunities for all art forms (film, photography, art, music, fashion, etc), anyone with creative skill may submit their works, with the opportunity of having them displayed during his HI-Lo set. The winner will also get to coordinate visuals at the live show, and be involved in the decor!

Here’s all the info released at the moment:

One artist, as selected by HI-LO and his guest judge, will:

Have the opportunity to bring their designs to life with the help of HI-LO’s video jockey and live production team (via Skype or otherwise)

Have their graphics used at HI-LO’s first show and potentially in future shows

Receive exposure for their work across HI-LO’s channels

Receive $1,500


So to all those out there looking to make a name for themselves: Get your creative juices flowing and give Oliver Heldens something special to display!