Layton Giordani is a name that’s been making waves in the Techno scene for over 3 years now, with his status growing, and his style more and more in demand. By now, he’s become a headlining act, has released his first full studio album (Where It Begins), and is currently on a massive international tour. Needless to say, the time for SoundandNoize to discover Layton Giordani is well overdue.

Growing up in New York, his passion for dance music began near the end of high school, and blossomed after that. Living so close to major night clubs in the city such as Pacha New York, gave him the opportunity to see some expert DJs such as Danny Tenaglia and Victor Calderone, inspiring him to pursue a similar career. With his level of determination, he had managed to land gigs at some of the top night clubs in New York for Techno, including Pacha, Space, and a residency at Output in 2015 (all before he was even 23 years old). At the same time, on the production front, his first major studio release, ‘Careless Suggestions’ with Tony Rohr, received major support from some big players in the game, including Carl Cox’s Global Radio Show, and Deadmau5.

By now, Layton’s perfected his style of Techno, often combining deep dark, heavy hitting beats with smoother melodic aspects, making it a trip for listeners. His relationship with Adam Beyer, and his album release ‘Where It Begins’ under his Drumcode label, have allowed him to showcase his versatility on multiple fronts. The 12 track album to date serves as his milestone moment, solidifying his case as a dedicated Techno act and earning him the kind of international recognition that musicians and producers aspire to achieve.

With his growing success, Layton’s been fortunate to play shows and festivals at the international level. Having wrapped up some major festival gigs in North America, and recently finished a set at the Holy Grail of Techno events, Awakenings, he’s got his eye on producing more music, and continuing his tour.

“I like to be very diverse in my sets. Even if I have a main idea I always like to find myself in a different area than expected”

Layton Giordani’s sets are just as diverse as his productions, and every measure should be taken to witness his shows. Expect lots of Techno, Tech House, and if he’s really feeling it, maybe a little ambient too! As one of the hottest rising acts in the industry, you’re not going to want to miss his sets!

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