The anticipation of a deadmau5 set is like no other. Which mau5 head will he wear? How good will the light show be? Which songs will he play? These are all important questions because there are no two deadmau5 sets really alike.

deadmau5 is a producer with so many weapons in his repertoire. He produces music his own way, follows his own rules and mixes his own sets on the go with help of technology he helped to create (according to On stage he is a magician with mixes. There’s also the mau5 head, and he’s always got a different one.


This summer deadmau5 is set play all over the world with his upcoming ‘Entropy’ tour, including several big Canadian events such as VELD in Toronto and Ile Soniq in Montreal. Recently, his shows have been incredible with increased special effects: smoke machines, wild strobe lights, mechanical mau5 heads, the list goes on. His closing set at the nightclub ‘the Guvernment’ in Toronto has shown a very fresh and comfortable deadmau5, with his twisting and manipulating of his own songs, adding a new spin to familiar songs such as “Strobe”, “Some Chords” or “Ghosts n Stuff”. A brief search on his Instagram and Twitter account show he has been playing around with a lot of new tools (along with drones and cars), so along with new song releases, expect new twists and turns during his live sets, as he brings a lot of tech on stage.


deadmau5 is becoming a legend in his own right. Any producer or dj who finds his own place and shapes the industry around his style is one to be respected and appreciated. This summer, the world gets to see the mau5 head in clubs, outdoor festivals and even beaches. Antics aside, consider deadmau5 a must see for any North American raver.

By: A.J Coïa