Three singles in and it’s looking like our favourite English duo from Surrey may have themselves another platinum disk on their hands. Taking the world by storm, Disclosure’s releases of “Holding On” & “Omen” featuring Gregory Porter and Sam Smith respectively have given the dance scene a much needed boost of life.

Typically artists tend to wait for their previous singles to drain out before streaming in new ones – that isn’t the case for the brothers Lawrence. Less than 3 weeks after the release of the astonishing Omen, Disclosure present “Willing & Able”. Featuring the soulful vocals of Kwabena Adjepong who you might be able to famously recognize as Kwabs; the team form an English power trio that is sure to reap in success. Much like Caracal’s singles before, Willing & Able’s unique lyrics emit an original sense and meaning the likes of which we can’t believe have not already been written down by someone else.


The drafting of Kwabs to their record’s all-star roster of artists (which hold names like The Weeknd, Miguel, Lorde and of course Sam Smith) adds depth and character to the overview of the album. But enough about that and more about that rhyme. In true Disclosure fashion, the brother’s kept Willing & Able very minimal, that said, the funk found within it could not be hidden. To add to it, their signature impression was alive and well as any fan would be able to spot the tune’s distinctive electronic elements as Disclosure’s from a mile away. All in all, the brother’s seem to be on a roll which we foresee to only snowball bigger and bigger as September 25th (Caracal’s release) closes in!