Finnish DJ/producer Yotto is dance music star in the making. In September, Yotto will be releasing his debut album ‘Hyperfall’, the culmination of three years in ascendance. According to press: “This record is generally inspired by the feeling of having lost and found your car keys at the same time,”described the artist. “There’s drama, distress and deep, profound contemplation mirrored with relief and relentless joy.” “I wrote this emotional club instrumental while sitting in a hotel room last summer and always felt like it was missing the last piece in the puzzle,” Yotto explains. “I’m really into this Icelandic band called Vök and was lucky to get their singer Margret to add her tone to the track. There’s a lot of moody Scandinavian melancholia here that I like in the form of a simple, straightforward club track.”

To premiere a touch of his sound, the first single ‘The One You Left Behind’ exemplifies a dynamic low-end groove with vocals from Vok.